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Cakra Donya
It was a gift offered by a King of China to Sultan Samudra Pasai. Made from metal, this bell was produced in 1409. The bell was moved from Pasai to Banda Acheh since Portuguese was defeated by Sultan Ali Mughayat Syah.

The outer side of the bell is fully ornamed and carved in Arabic and Chinese script. (It is now faded because of time during abandonment by Dutch occupation of Banda Acheh).
Inscription in Chinese characters as follow:

"Sing Fang Niat Fung Juut Kat Vat Co". It can be translated: "Sulan Sing Fa. Poured in 12th month of 5th year". The bell is now displayed in the Negeri Museum, Banda Acheh.
Measurement: Heigth 150 em, radius 50cm and circumference 100 cm.
It is a structure of 10 sides (the two side front side and backside 9,75m, the other eight side 3,80m, total height 10,9m.)

The grave of Sultanah Nahrisah (1405-1428)

She is one of Sultan Malikussaleh's descendent, It is the best gravestone made from marble in Sumatera. She died on Monday, 17 Zulhijjah 831 Hegira (27 September 1928)
The explanation was carved in Arabic script on the grave:

"This the holy grave of the late Queen Nahrisah ennobled as Bharubhasa Chadiu bin Sultan Haidar bin al Sais al Zainuddin bin Sultan Muhammad bin al Malikul Saleh - may Allah have mercy on them- . Dead on Monday, 17 Zulhijjah 831 Hegira."

The grave is located in the village of Kuta Krueng (Blang Me), Sumatra district, North Acheh, About 15 kilometers from Lhok Seumawe eastward.

781 Hegira in the head of grave and 791 in the foot, with the same date: Friday: 14 Zulhijjah.

There is an assumption that the Sultanah is one of Sultan Mahmud pasai daughter was coronated as a Sultanah when Pasai was under occupation of Majapahit soldier.
Other assumption said the Sultanah is related to the queen Cermin (or ceureumen in Acheh language), wife of Batara Majapahit who was buried in Leran, Gresik - East Java.
located in Teungku Peuet-Ploh Peuet Funeral complex (44 in the village of Minye Tujuh, Matangkali district 30 kilometers Lhok Seumawe eastward.

The grave of Sultanah of Pasai, descendent of Malik-al-Saleh.

In the Northward direction of the grave (head and inscription is found, in old Sumatera characters in old Melayu language. It is read; "In the year of 781 Hegira, on Friday 14th Zulhijjah, the queen warda, the believe the descendant of Bharubhasa who ruled Kedah and Persia and expanded from time to time, was dead.

Oh Allah, lord of the worlds, place her in the heaven."
In North direction of the grave (foot) we find Arabic inscription which has the same meaning, but refers the different year.

The grave of Naina Hisana bin Naina. The inscription is in Persian. Died in 1420. Craved on the gravestone a poem in gazal style of famous Islamic poet Sheh Muslim al-Din Sa'di (1193-1292). You can see it in village of Blang, Samudera district, about 15 kilometers from Lhok Seumawe eastward, North Acheh.

A poem in Persian language was engraved in Arabic characters with "gazal" style, of famous Arabic poet work, Sheh Muslih ai-Din Sa'di (1193-1292).

The poem translation:
Uncountable years pass like spring from where the water flow. The life is actually accumulation of human days. So why people who transit in this world feel so arrogant??
Oh friend. When you pass enemies grave by, do not be so glad, because such thing could happen to you.

Oh the arrogant people. The does will come into your buried bone like the powder come into its box.
Who is arrogant today because of his shine dresses, he will buried tomorrow and it remain nothing but evaporation.

This world is full of competition with a little of passionate. When he get aware, the whole of those happened were gone, leaved him powerlessly.

That is the fact of your body you see it laid down in the soil. Who meets important events could not avoid and even so where to do??

Nothing could help him but good amal.
Sa'di is under protection of the Merciful God shadow.
Oh my God, Please do not torture Your hopeless creature.
Sins always come from our side, and You are very merciful.


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